time wasted - is life wasted

Invest now in automation of your workflows, to have time and resources for other life tasks later



Igor Efron Dipl Inf. (FH), M.Sc

since my youth i have been intersted in programming.
As i was studying at the University of Applied Sciences, in the distant 2006,
the deepening and strengthening of the acquired knowledge in concrete subject areas began.
By now i have accumulated over 15 years of software development experience.

My areas of expertise include:
  • automation and optimization of workflows
  • methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • web-based cloud solutions
All of these areas are not mutually exclusive and can be combined to achieve the best possible performance.


Maximizing revenues in passenger logistics and transportation field.


i am excited to find solutions to your existing operation’s needs and improve productivity of your company.
Together we will shape an individual solution that will take your business to the next level.

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86150 Augsburg